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Signature Ultrasonic Steam Straightener


There are many different types of hair straighteners to choose from depending on the type of hair you have and the general style you wish to achieve. There are different hair straighteners with features most suitable for long or short hair and ones designed for fine or thick hair. Finding the right one for your type of hair will make it easier to create the styles you want. The wrong one could be frustrating to use and could end up damaging your hair.

Using hair straighteners on a daily basis is not advisable. But if you do use them more than often, heat treatment sprays and conditioners can reduce the adverse affects of using straighteners on a regular basis.

The Signature Ultrasonic Steam Straightener, featuring the latest high-performance innovation. Ultrasonic technology transforms water into a cool ultra fine mist, adding more moisture and maximum shine to hair for smooth, sleek results that last longer.

For healthier-looking hair than with a regular straightener 30% improved hair manageability. Better lubrication and condition for less friction 22% more shine with better hair shaft alignment than with regular straighteners.

Ultrasonic-better protection from breakage, more shine and better alignment, and better hair condition and improved manageability

  • Detachable cartridge
  • Separate control for heat and ultrasonic
  • Temperature display, up to 230degrees
  • Straightening Iron
  • Temperature control

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