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The Hair Extension Company; Who Are We?

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Hi there! My name's Siraj, and I'm the Administrator here at The Hair Extension Company. I've come to tell you a little bit about us, so you can get to know us better as individuals and the company as a whole.

Let's start with the company, shall we? 

Our company has been providing excellent service for many years and we proudly hold high morals for how we do business, whether it's with one time customers, regular customers who shop with us often or even other businesses who are looking to work with us on projects and collaborations. Through the many years we've been operating, we have been working in extensive research and development so that we can further increase our ability to deliver the best products available on the market to you, our valued customers, but also to create new, innovative products for you, and to reach a wider range of consumers. 

A long the way we've created a few brands that we're pretty proud of; 

First of all, Buy Remy. Buy Remy was the first brand we created, and this covers all of our tools and accessories that we're currently selling. From Keratin glue removers, to simple multi-holed templates you can use to ensure your extensions are applied straight, Buy Remy has got you covered for all the tools you'd ever need as an extensionist!

Next is HairLovers®. HairLovers® is still a fairly new brand, but it's steadily growing every day. This brand is for our standard hair extensions, meaning that the hair is 100% human hair that is AAA grade and is very affordable! Even though these extensions come at a purse friendly price, don't be fooled; our hair is extremely beautiful quality. It's gorgeously thick from root to tip and comes in a wide range of colours (we even have the bang on trend dip dye colours!) and is available in three different styles; Stick Tip, Nail Tip and Nano Tip. Our Stick Tip extensions are 20" in length and are available in 1g strands and 0.5g strands, perfect for any thickness of hair. Our Nail Tip extensions are 18" in length and are available in 1g strands, great for people who want hair extensions without the hassle of rings to apply them. And finally our Nano Tip extensions are 20" in length and are available in 1g strands, ideal for people who want the hair but don't want to let anyone know it's not theirs!

Lastly is our newest brand; Celebrities Love™. Celebrities Love™ is our highly anticipated premium brand, newly released and ready to pre-order now. This brand only supplies the best quality Remy Hair that is ethically sourced, meaning that we only buy the hair from people who are willing donors and are payed fairly for the hair. We never buy from people who have unwillingly cut their hair, or from people who have given their hair in a religious ceremony. This hair is cream of the crop in the hair industry, being able to last for up to a year if treated correctly! Who would say no to gorgeous hair for longer?

That's it for now, I hope you learned something from reading this, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to fill in our contact us form and we'll help you in any way we can. I'll speak to you all soon!

SIraj Rasul

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